Make Group Travel EASY!

It’s definitely GROUP season in the travel world!  Small groups of a few family members traveling for Spring Break, friends booking in larger groups that have a common interest (Hair Groups, Music Groups, Foodies, Dance Groups, -you name it and it can be a group!) and don’t forget about corporate group travel big & small.  […]

Spring Break – Where to go?

It’s really amazing how quickly Spring Break can come up on us.  People that live in states like Florida & California who experience nice weather the majority of the year cannot fully appreciate what “Spring Break” signifies to those who live in the Midwest and northern states and endure cold, harsh winters. Spring Break announces the […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.  As they say, everyone is Irish during St. Patricks Day.  Speaking of the Irish, wouldn’t now be a great time to talk about Ireland? I escorted a group of our friends and clients to Ireland in 2010.  I wanted to make their experience of Ireland something they wouldn’t be able […]